Why BloomStudios

BloomStudios is committed to the success of everyone who touches our products: from distributors and cut flower growers, to wholesalers, designers and retailers. We are a values-driven company, devoted to creating a beautiful world for our employees, partners and customers across the globe.

Committed to Sustainability

We are dedicated to beautifying our world, not only with cut flowers, but in how we conduct business. We proudly uphold the following practices that are shared throughout Ball Horticultural Company:

  • Grow a green future through sustainable actions
  • Never sacrifice the long-term for the short-term
  • Develop products that can be produced sustainably

These values are demonstrated through our development of products that can be grown with lower energy, are naturally more resistant to disease and are more tolerant to environmental stress. In our own farms, we incorporate beneficial insects, reduce waste through the use of recycled and reclaimed water, and strive to produce products in a sustainable way.

Rooted in Science

Advanced products from BloomStudios are developed by breeders throughout PanAmerican Seed and Ball Horticultural Company. Our breeders leverage a team of experts in molecular biology, cell biology, analytical chemistry, pathology and intellectual property to develop innovative cut flower products.

A Legacy of Innovation

Potomac Snapdragons (1941-Present)

In 1941, Fred Winkler developed the world’s first F1 hybrid cut flower snapdragon. This meant that snapdragons had more vigor, more uniform germination, and were professionalized so that growers would have an easier time growing and scheduling their crops. Linda Laughner took over the breeding from Mr. Winkler and made additional improvements, adding more than 20 varieties to that original assortment. Today, BloomStudios offers over 50 varieties across four series and is recognized as the world’s leading supplier of hybrid cut flower snapdragons. Our breeders continue to select varieties for stem and flower quality, photoperiodic response and extended vase life.

Dianthus Amazon (2006)

Versatile and programmable, Amazon was the first interspecific barbatus hybrid of this type. The cross between two species created a truly unique product. Amazon is more heat tolerant than traditional Sweet William, expanding its usage both seasonally and geographically. Bred by Linda Laughner and introduced to the market in 2006, Amazon dianthus is now one of our top product lines, prized by growers globally for its versatility throughout the year in bouquets.

Katz Hi Double Matthiola (2019)

Everyone loves the smell and look of Matthiola, but growers struggle with what to do with the single flowered stems. Blair Winner developed Katz Hi Double to solve this problem. Through breeding and refined production techniques, Blair developed Katz Hi Double to be able to supply seed that will produce 90% or more fully double flowered stems. This means less waste and more profits for growers.

Today and Tomorrow

Every day our team of breeders, product managers and scientists work together to bring new innovations to help you ignite imagination with every stem. Check back soon for information on our latest introductions.

Beautiful From the Start

BloomStudios is committed to supplying the best genetics through our network of global distributors. We plan to bring those products to market in the most efficient form, whether that is Tissue Culture, Cuttings or Seed.

  • Raw Seed
  • Coated Seed
  • Pelleted Seed
  • Cuttings
  • TC Plants

Always Growing Support

We are developing a team of local technical representatives in Asia, North and South America, Africa, and Europe to provide you with local support. Our goal is to provide the best technical support, collaborative solutions, and share information from our trials. We match our pursuit to create superior products with a relentless desire to always provide better service.

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