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For the Love of Creativity

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Bloom Studios is a network of creators who are passionate about fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle topics. They express their passion through videos on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. By women and for women, Bloom Studios' network covers a gamut of topics including recipes, makeup tips, styling how-to's and fashion advice. 

In addition to its network of creators, Bloom Studios operates a branded channel featuring a variety of entertainment shows focused on women's interests. 

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Creators, Grow with Us!

We know you love what you do and you work hard at it. 
We know for you this is a passion not a hobby. 
We know it is tough to be a creative Arab woman pioneering a digital path.
Join our network and let us help turn your passion into a career.
We will work with you to grow your audience, help with your production, and generate more income.
We provide collaboration opportunities with other creators, support on production techniques, advice on audience growth and analytics for channel management. 
More importantly, we provide access to brands and advertisers who want to work with authentic and passionate individuals.

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Brands, Find your True Fans. 

In a world oversaturated with advertising messages, consumers have become more sophisticated in their thinking. They shun prepackaged corporate speak and bypass overly polished messages in favour of authentic advice from a new generation of stars they trust. 

Bloom's creators are those stars. Whether their passion is in beauty, food, fashion or lifestyle, they have a one-on-one relationship with their fans based on openness and trust. They only work with brands they believe in. 

Whether it is through featuring your products and services on our creators' channels, creating original content for you or distributing your content to a digital audience, let us help you reach your true fans across all platforms. 
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